vCruise is a visualized social platform for players of all ages to hang out and express themselves.
Who is Narvalous?
We are an emerging and fast-growing Browser and Mobile Game Developer and Publisher comprised of highly experienced social game veterans.

We are the decisive factor in turning one of the hottest Strategy RPG game on Facebook from negative to millions of revenue per month. We provide scalable publishing services on Facebook, browsers, and in iOS App Store leveraging our experience in Facebook viral growth, user retention rate and monetization strategies.

Recently we have just expanded into mobile advertising areas. If you are looking for growing your mobile apps with quality users at affordable cost, please contact us.
vCruise is not just a game. It's a tool for you to create and share your dreams with your friends.
Pick the weapon you like the best. Ready? Set, Shoot!
The uldimate online Strategy RPG Game. Are you ready to battle?
Coming soon! You won't be disappointed!
Looking for Partners
Narvalous helps game developers to focus on producing and improving great games, while helping with everything else needed for the games to scale up and thrive in a new market territory.

Hand pick the best games for the market

We are born to smell good games.

Localize the selected games to the marketú║

Bad localization turns people away from the very beginning.

Integrate with the Facebook platform
1-Week To Launch

Promote the Games
Paid Ads campaigns
Free viral users
Operate the Gamesú║
Established game platform
Proven best practice
Supporting statistics for monitoring and analysis
Contact Us
Address: 97 E Brokaw Rd., #210
        San Jose, CA 95112

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